Who is Judd Goobey for?

This book is for kids and their families. Reluctant and voracious readers alike will be drawn in by the infectious humor splattered across every page. Designed for the lone purpose of no-strings-attached laughs, Judd Goobey uses an unrivaled palette of unpretentious grade school comedy to offer up an instant favorite for booger pickers everywhere.

How disgusting are we talking? Is any of it inappropriate?

Of course not! Judd Goobey is like an armpit fart; not exactly recommended for the dinner table, but completely harmless and undeniably funny time and time again. Nothing in this book is obscene, violent, political or otherwise inappropriate.

Hey Judd, what the heck is a GROSS-O-METER?

The Gross-o-meter is a warning system. The plunger guide lets you know what to expect from the poems at each level.

Can I submit a poem or idea?

We are so flattered that Judd Goobey got your wheels turning, but we do not accept poems, illustrations, ideas or creative submissions of any kind.

Do you have a return policy?

We accept returns on a case by case basis only if the following criteria are met:
• Return is received within 14 days of original order date
• Book is in resellable condition
We reserve the right to decline any returns that violate our policy. Return shipping costs will be deducted from the refund amount. Please email us at helpdesk@juddgoobey.com to get started.