Reviews“In the hands of almost anyone else, an ode to the raunchy side of life would go over about as well as a fart in church, but the Lanes are not your typical children’s duo.”

– Erik Metzroth of Kid Book Ratings
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“If you have a kid who loves booger and fart jokes – get them into poetry with this book. The illustrations go along with the poems very well (many make the poems even more gross).”

– Erik of This Kid Reviews Books
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“There is a need for more books for boys. Middle grade boys tend to read, but as they grow into teens, books tend to stay on the shelf. Judd Goobey will have boys reading, always a good thing, and they will be reading poetry. Today they read Judd Goobey; tomorrow they read E.E. Cummings.”

– Sue Morris of Kid Lit Reviews
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